Hepa filter

Hepa filter
Source : Human activities, clothes, and atmosphere
Influence on human: respiratory disease,
pneumoconiosis, allergy asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc.
Source : Breading, combustion equipments,
vehicle exhausted gas, etc.
Influence on human: plane headache, respiratory failure, etc.
Source : Various veneer boards and furniture, heat insulator, adhesive, etc.
Influence on human: Stimulate symptom on nose, eyes, neck,
etc. dizziness, cough, emotional instability, etc.
[Radon and asbestos]
Source : Concrete, soil, underground water /
heat insulator, insulating materials, asbestos tile, etc.
Influence on human : lung cancer / skin diseases, respiratory disease, etc.
[Organic solvents and odor]
Source : Paint, adhesive, spray, aromatic / various odor materials
Hepa filter01
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